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Things that make you smile.

I was not in the greatest mood when going to work. Stuff went down last night that made me feel like I was... nobody. And it's a little tough heading off for a hard day of physical labor when you think that the "powers that be" are looking at you as "nobody." "Sure, I'm good enough to do your grunt work, but not to work with your precious day staff?"

Well, I got to work and I was apologized to by the boss for her attitude the day before and we talked a bit and she told me she's very impressed with my work especially my side work. I was kinda mixed about the whole thing. On one hand, it's nice to know I'm appreciated. On the other hand, Whoopie, so I can clean your freaking kitchen for less than three bucks an hour?

On the whole though, it was a positive conversation and I felt better when I started work. Not terrific, but better.

In fact, everyone seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

Play ominous theme music here.

Naturally, something had to happen, and it did. The computer crashed. When the restaraunt was full. Not fun, but we made it through.

A young couple was sat in my section. She's a small, cute little woman with a pretty smile and a very plesant attitude.

He is tall, thin, dark haired, and handsome. In other words, they make the perfect couple. You just want to seal them in glass and sit them on your mantle.

Well, I got them desert and asked them if they wanted anything else. They said no, and I went to get the check.

I came back with the check and noticed the guy had frosting all over his nose. And she had frosting on her upper lip. I tipped my head to one side, and looked at them, my expression rather puzzled.

They looked at me, both of them slightly pink-tinged from embarassment. The girl explained, "We're getting married and we're practicing feeding each other cake."

There is only one thing to say in this situation, and I said it.


They made my night...

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