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On a much calmer, happier, rational note...

I got 200 bucks for the Sundance. Of course, I dumped over 500 dollars into "fixing" it that didn't help me at all, but I really was expecting to only get 50 bucks for the car at a salvage yard.

My mechanic bought it. He thinks he can fix the body damage done by the accident, and he's already got a buyer for the car. He knows he can slam a new cat. converter on it and get an inspection sticker.

So, he's happy, we're happy.

We drove up to my folks and gave them 100 dollars. The first payment. I asked them if we could consider that a "slush payment," meaning, I will send them 100 dollars a month starting January, but if I have a bad month, I can call in the early payment.

They were agreeable.

They also called later, cause they got the thank you card I sent them. They were touched, but asked me to stop thanking them.

Problem is I can't stop. I just want them to know how grateful I am. How I refuse to take this for granted. Too many people have held their hands out to my parents and not been very grateful in return. I just want them to understand I am grateful, I'm not just "Oh, thanks, seems like the least you can do."

Oh, yeah, one other great thing... we bought some color scratch remover from Turtle Wax. It comes with this thing called a "Chipstick" (it looks just like a tube of lipstick. Get it?) You use the chipstick to fill in the deep scratches and you then put the colored polish on it, let it dry and buff it.

I was convinced it was crap and wouldn't work. But I'm happy to say I was wrong. We gave it a try at my parents, on some scratches on the rear passenger's fender. Unless you stick your nose right up to the fender and stare, you could never tell there were any scratches. This stuff is great. I highly recommend it.

However, another cool thing is that the fenders are a fiberglass/plastic so they won't rust.

We would have done the whole car, but it started rain and we didn't want to get stuck waxing a car in the rain.

Good thing too. I don't know what would have happened if Remy was alone for that long.

Hopefully, Saturday will be a nice, warm, sunny day and we'll do the whole car then.

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