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Oh Kay

I made it through work. I still don't feel 100%, but I didn't pass out. This is a good thing.

Tomorrow I'm working 3 to close. Of course I am. Who else would work that shift all the time. Me, that's who!

I noticed something kinda cool about my car. When the sun begins to set, the car starts to look more blue. Until it basically looks like a "true blue" car, rather than an aqua one. Not that this is news of the world, but I found it kinda interesting.

I really want a chance to drive in it. Unfortunately, I haven't had much. Yeah, we went to my folks and all, but it seems like lately, everything has been so rushed. I didn't work Friday, but I sure as heck didn't feel like driving anywhere.

Then, Saturday, I used the car, but it was to run errands and all such. Not a lot of time in the car, just going here and there.

Tuesday, we're taking the other car up to the mechanic to see if he'll give me a couple hundred dollars for it. If he tells me it isn't worth it, I'll be half tempted to snark at him. "yeah, but funny, you sure thought it was worth it for me to dump over 500 bucks into fixing it up, only to discover it needed another 400 dollars." He's claiming he can put in a new Cat. converter for under two hundred dollars. So, if he wants the car he can have it. It would be nice to get a little something back for the money we put into it. If we get it, we plan on taking the money up to my folks.

If Dave won't buy it, we'll take it to the junk yard. Hopefully, they'll give us fifty bucks or so for the car. So, either way, we're hoping to get rid of the car on Tuesday. And we'd still like to go to the folks, cause they're leaving for Spain on Wednesday. If we have the chance, we'd like to use their driveway to wax the car. (They have a hose for washing and all such. We don't.

So, I'm hoping Wednesday, I won't have to work my other job and Todd and I will have a chance to go someplace in the car. Where? Who knows... just someplace that will take a bit of driving to get to.

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