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PsychoChrissy came running to greet me when I came home tonight.

PsychoChrissy rubbed against me.

PsychoChrissy leaped on the sofa arm for petting.

PsychoChrissy tried to chew my fingers off when I fed her the hairball medicine.

PsychoChrissy has been hissing at Remy and smacking him on the butt.

PsychoChrissy ate 3/4 of a can of nine lives catfood.

PsychoChrissy drank water all evening.

PsychoChrissy ate crunchies several times until I came home (according to Todd)

PsychoChrissy's eyes are bright and happy. Her tail is straight up in the air.

We have an appointment Saturday. I can't really afford it, but I can't let her suffer either. I'm hoping that the vet will say, "Hey, she's okay now, but let's give you some stuff to prevent her hairball troubles in the future! Give me fifty dollars please!"

It's... so good to see her up and around again. Acting so normal.

That's why I'm crying. I'm so damned grateful.

The car still rocks big time. I just wish I didn't feel my heart in my throat every time Todd wants to use it. God, I've got to get over that. I have it insured to the max, but I'm still worried.

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