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I just thought everyone should know

That some cats will eat a sugar cookie if you leave it out. Not all cats, but some will. Especially female cats who are believed to be Vegeta, pretending to be a cat, to get me back for a story I wrote.

However, even though a cat might eat a sugar cookie, this doesn't mean it's a good idea. Sugar has a bad tendency to make people (and cats) hyper.

I left the sugar cookie on my desk yesterday morning. She found it this morning, cause I heard her crunching away. I took the last 1/4 of the cookie away from her.

Now, she has been running around the apartment, all strung out on a sugar high. And destroying things in the process.

She has managed to hang from the curtains in our living room and riped the curtains and the rods right out from the wall. And this is somehow my fault that she's fallen down and is very unhappy. I suppose I am at fault for having the nerve to leave that sugar cookie lying about.

No more cookies for Chrissy. Nope, bad idea all around.

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