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Not a bad day, but it could have been better.

Unfortunately, I got nothing done today that I meant to do. I went to the voch school, but no one is there yet who can talk to me. They won't be for a couple weeks. And, it seems the minister is a hard man to get ahold of. I'll have to try to call him tomorrow.

Other than that though, it wasn't too bad. We're renting a Ford Focus for a couple days and while it's not as much fun as the last rental car, the AC does work juuuuuust fine.

Oh... yeah... I've gotta stop doing things half asleep. This morning, I noticed the cat's water bowl was low. In the summer, we use the water bowl that you attach a two litter soda bottle to. We change the water bottle about once a day, but I'd prefer we had too much water than to have them run out.

So, half asleep I go to the frige to get a new bottle of water. We keep filtered water in two liter soda bottles for this purpose. I grab the first bottle, crack it open and set it up.

A few minutes later, Todd comes out, looks a the bottle, then at me.

"Are you aware that you gave the cats my bottle of 7-up?"

I didn't want to sound dumb so I said, "Yeah, I thought it would make a refreshing change."

The cats did not agree. So, we gave them water.

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