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My personal LJ wishlist.

No, I'm not expecting any of this to happen, I just feel like griping.

I know it really comes down to this... I'm obviously an idiot when it comes to this stuff and I'm one of those "smack her face" folks when it comes to asking for help. I'm not a good follower. I'm a much better "figure it out for myself" person.

The problem is that LJ seems to go out of their way to use terms that people like me can't get. "Huh? What? Forgive me, I'm an idiot."

So... if I won Powerball and could build my own version of Live Journal, well, hire folks to built it for me, this is what I would insist on.
The List

1: Plain English please. Even if you end up insulting those who are totally hip and savvy to code terms, etc. Let them deal with being insulted. I'd rather someone who wasn't savvy didn't feel like a retard than to make the best and the brightest feel superior because "It's child's play, really."

What do I mean by plain English? Well, let's go on to...

2: Have a little diagram explaining the color codes for modifications, and/or make the modification terms easy to understand.

Example The person is using Punqin Elegant w/Side bar. They want to modify their colors. So, they go to Modify Journal. They want the little boarder that surrounds their entries to be black. So, they look at the options. There is nothing that says, "Boarder around entries." What they have to modify is "Weak accent." Yeah, okay, we all know that off the top of our heads. Well, you might, but I don't.

So, instead of saying "Weak accent" it would say, "Thin border around entries." Now, if for some reason, maybe because other styles use "weak accent" for other things, you couldn't do that, there would be a place to go to that had Pictures with text that said, "Weak accent." So, anyone could go there and say, "Ah! The border thingie is Weak accent. Eureka, I will go to modify and change the color of weak accent to black. My problem is solved, I don't have to spend hours figuring it out and I'm not an idiot!"

(I'm actually working on doing that myself. When I'm finished, I plan on putting it up on a website and giving folks a link to it. "Go here if you want to see how to know what colors change what without having to do the trial and error method.)

3: Solid templates for total modification. Not these little snippets of code that you cut and paste into the "override" area and pray like hell you've got them all correct. I'm talking an actual template that contains an entire modified journal, with lots of comments in a different font that folks can erase. Then, someone can download the code, modify it to suit themselves, and then upload it.

Okay, it's a bitchy list, but I could have made it a lot bigger.

Don't mind me... I'm having one of those weeks where not a damned thing I do is coming out right. Can't print photographs, can't upload to DEC, can't figure out anything... so I try to do something else to take my mind off it, only to find out I can't do whatever that is either...

Okay, I'm crawling under my rock now. Chrissy, leave my rock alone! Go find your own!

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