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That was odd

Well, my computer seems to be working. But I'm wondering if I was hit by that code red virus that's been flying around.

I was IMing with Sylk and suddenly my computer started flipping out. It's hard to explain, but it kept flicking down option bars. Like the "address" bar in IE. It would flip it down and start flicking from option to option.

So, I shut down the computer. But the power wouldn't go completely off. So, I shut it off manually and reboot. First I ran my virus checker. Nothing. Okay, run scan disk. The computer crashes. This sucks. Reboot computer into DOS. Run scan disk. It says the computer is fine. Reboot. Computer starts in safe mode. Shut down computer. Disconnect computer at the power source. Wait ten minutes. Restart computer. Everything is fine!

Meantime, while I'm having a computer crisis, Mark shows up. (Who eles will be up at Midnight? Why, Darqstar, of course!) I'm feeling bad cause I'm being rude to him, trying to get the computer working.

BUT... so far, so good :::Pause to knock on wood::: Hey, does fiberboard with a wood-like finish count?

I didn't need something else to go wrong, thank you very much.

Well, I think I'll check out my friend's stuff real quick and try to get some sleep. If I'm lucky, the nightmares won't be too bad tonight. I'm getting awful sick of waking up several times cause of those.

Chrissy is already settling herself on the bed, giving me dirty looks. I don't know if she wants me to go to bed, or she's hoping I don't go to bed so she can have the whole thing to herself.

Oh yeah, the new mouse is still very cool.

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