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It's pretty and sparklie and LIGHTS UP!

Well, we're back from Wally World and grabbing a bite to eat. I got a logictech mouse, one with a scroll bar and the "No track ball" thingie.

It works like a dream. I'm loving it. And I'm already getting spoiled by that scroll wheel in the middle. "Whee, no more finding the scroll bar to the side of the screen!"

And even better... it has a red light in it. And when I'm using the mouse, it lights up. So, in a dark room, it glows. The glow even comes through the top! I love this mouse.

And we bought a new mousepad for it. One of those new ones with the precises surface. Not that this type of mouse needs any sort of mouse surface, but we decided it should have it's own little resting place.

Only down fall, is you can't use it on a mirror or glass. Funny, I never would have even thought of doing that, if I hadn't read that I couldn't.

:::Wanders off to stare at the pretty red light some more:::

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