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Why do I feel?

Like I've been run over by a truck today?

Got the car fixed. But the mechanic noticed another 250 dollar problem that will have to be fixed soon. The water pump is going. Of course, I've got the car that the water pump is very complicated and labor intensive to get to and replace.

He says that the car should pass inspection, but things have gotten so uptight in our fair state that a garage can pretty much find a reason to fail you. I know of one garage where one of the mechanics told me very seriously that the usual policy is, "Until you've spent 500 dollars at that garage, you ain't passing inspection."

Soooo, we take the car in for the water pump on August 8th. Todd's birthday. Which means we'll have to rent another car for the occation.

Well, when we return this one, we'll reserve again.

PsychoChrissy decided today that the only proper place to sleep in this house is in the entry way between the living room and the kitchen. If you walk past her, she gets indignant and reaches out and snags your ankles by her claws. She's such a fun cat!

I have to be up by 9:00 tomorrow, so we can return the rental car a full day early. That will help. So, I think I'm going to bed. If I'm lucky, I'll fall asleep before I realize how hot it is around here.

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