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Another thank you!

::: H U G S :::

To kylen15 For the ecard. It was great!

And grab one of those for yourself too, sylk. I loved the message you left, you little sweatheart you!

And thanks to all of you who wished me well in your journals too. You don't know how nice it felt when I started reading, to see that people remembered me.

Todd and I went to Bugaboo for dinner to celebrate (tomorrow we celebrate with my folks) where Todd craftilly arranged to have me molested by the moose. (Here's a tip for all of you... NEVER NEVER NEVER go to the bathroom in a restaurant on your birthday. This gives whoever you are with a chance to tell the waiter to humiliate and embarass you) They were gonna try to put enough candles on the cake to cover my age, but they were afraid it would violate the building's fire codes.

Funny... I'm 40 now... but I still don't feel it. However, I think I should begin to act it, so starting immedietly, I'm gonna burn all my comics, get rid of my DBZ stuff, and paint all the walls in my house a nice beige. Then, I'm going to go shopping for vaccum cleaner bags, geritol, and depends. To keep myself busy, I'm going to start knitting ugly, uncomfortable sweaters for everyone I know.

::Thinks a moment::: Nah, I think instead I'll go make some mud pies and fling ice cream at Todd.

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