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Thank you to a couple people.

First off, thank you to takami826 I think you know why.

Also, thank you to marz, for being the first person to send me a birthday greeting. ::Grins::: You beat my family!

And a final thanks to sabrebabe for sending me the picture. It was a scream! I didn't know you were so talented.

Today has been a terrible day. Tomorrow looks like it will be worse (My request for the day off has not been honored and I've been told by the SS that there is a good chance I'll be fired if I try to take it off anyway) But a few little things just brightened my night up considerably.


On the good news size, I might have spoken too soon on DEC. I tried him right after I wrote that post, expecting the usual, "Site is down" bullcrap, but it actually came up!

So, let me test...

Can this be seen?

But again, the biggest reason for this post was to say thanks, so...


I really needed to come home and find out that there are people who like me. Lately, I've been wondering about that.

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