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Well, at least I'm clean.

My computer locked and I had to reboot.

When that happens, I usually take the time to shower or take care of something else I might need. Today I took a shower.

I'm not very brand loyal when it comes to hygene products. I have a tendency to buy on sale and buy lots. "Oh, look, White Rain shampoo, 77 cents, give me a dozen!" This lulls me into the false sense of security that I'm never going to run out of shampoo or conditioner until the day I do, and I end up washing my hair with Dawn dishwashing liquid and run to the store to find another sale.

It also means we have this mishmash, hodgepodge collection of hair/body products.

So, I washed my hair with Apple shampoo.

I then put on some vanilla conditioner.

I didn't have enough conditioner, so I added some Pear and mango conditioner.

I washed my body with a spicy citrus body wash.

Then, when the showering was done...

I sprayed myself with a lemon scented body spray

I grabbed some strawberry scented body lotion to put on the "rough" spots.

I finished the whole process by coating my lips with cherry lip balm.

I must smell like the Produce department at Stop 'n' Shop.

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