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Okay, everybody, worship Zanne. NOW!

If I were anywhere near where she lived, I would go over kuchenhexe's house RIGHT NOW and give her a huge hug.

Why, you ask? Because Zanne freaking ROCKS big time. Because Zanne stuck by me tonight as I tried desperately to figure out what was wrong with my LJ and why my journal entries weren't showing up. She didn't run off, or scream in the night, or even say, "Hey, your problem, hope you find a solution. Bye bye!" She stayed with me.

The problem has been figured out and congratulate me, I'm an idiot! Yes, I am a bonafied idiot to the 3rd degree. Why? Well, here is the problem....

They didn't set my clock and calender correctly on this new computer. MY computer kept swearing up,down, and sideways that it was May 31. That's right, May 31st.

And like a moron, I never noticed it. Time to smack myself in the forehead.

Also, mega deserves some credit too. She did suggest that I might have posted it in the wrong area... (meaning private or Friend's only or something) which wasn't really the problem, but it did get me to go back and carefully look over all my setting, which is when I noticed the calender was way out of wack.

But.. I still say the biggest credit goes to Zanne. So, this is for you!


You rock! Thank you again, I really needed someone to hold my cyberhand.

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