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Just a notice

If you don't see me for awhile, don't worry. My compter has decided tthat my keyboard is "locked out" and won't boot up. Since I'm a total idiot and can't even begin to fix it, because it won't do anything without having the keyboard "unlocked" and being unable to use the keyboard doesn't give me any way to figure out how I would go about unlocking it, I have a feeling I might have a very expensive paperweight on my hands.

I am writing this on my husband's computer, cause he's asleep. I'm sure though, that the times I'll be able to use his computer will be few and far between.

So, if he can't figure out how to fix it, I won't have a computer for a very long time.

No, it isn't a case of something wrong with the keyboard itself, because I have three keyboards and I tried all three and got the same thing.

Somewhow I managed to mess things up beyond usual.

So, if you don't see me around, you know why. I screwed things up.

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