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Okay, now I'm totally freaked.

Just when I thought nothing that stupid cat ever did could surprise me anymore...

She just came in my room and with a stuffed Pikachu, laid it down on the floor by my feet and proceeded to piss on it.

Okay, what the hell is this behavior?

She's also started a little stash of stuffed animals and other cuddly things in her little corner of the closet. There is a tiny space in the closet that she has reserved as "hers" and a lot of cardbord covered with fur mice have made it there, as well as little balls with bells in them. But now she's started dragging stuffed animals, like beanie babies and other little stuffie things. I just shrug that off, cause I figure that's her little thing.

But bringing in a Pikachu just to pee on it? That is really odd.

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