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The family of Man.

I love this song. I've loved it since I was a kid and my brother used to play it for me. In fact, the first real album I ever bought myself was a 3 Dog Night album.

And why does it just fit what I've been feeling about everything lately?

Family Of Man

This tired city was somebody's dream
Billboard horizons as black as they seem
A four level highways across the land
We're building a home for the family of man

Prices are rising the devil's to pay

(Alternative version of this line= One man to lead us with so much to say)
Moving the mountains that got in the way
Prayer books and legions to find a plan
Deciding the fate for the family of man.

It's so hard whatever we are coming to
Yes it's so hard with so little time
And so much to do

Memories replacing the loves that we've lost
Burning our bridges as soon as they're crossed
Factories built where the rivers ran
And time running out for the family of man

Let's hope the next species to rise to the top of the heap will take better care of this planet than we did.

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