Darqstar (darqstar) wrote,

Writer's Block: Riddle me this

What is something that just doesn't make sense to you?

Why people get all up in arms about gay marriage, or any personal arrangement.

1: If you believe that God doesn't find this acceptable, that's your right. However, let God handle it himself, we don't need you.

2: Usually laws are made for the betterment of the community and society, to make us civilized. We have laws against breaking and entering, because it's not right to take someone's stuff, it's called stealing and it hurts them.

3: A gay marriage or a three, four, five, six, seven, person union, hurts no one, as long as everyone involved is a consenting adult. Therefore, it should be a non issue. If you, personally don't believe in it, that's fine, but unless these folks are coming into your house and behaving in a manor you find uncomfortable, then it's not hurting you, leave it alone.

4: The big argument I always here is, "But I don't want my Chiiiiiilllllldddrrrrrun to see this! It might influence them to do the same thing!" Well, you're the ones always telling me that Gay is a choice, not something you're born with. You also love to tell me how awesome you are as parents. So, if you really believe this, then why are you worried? Shouldn't your superior parenting skills make it so your children don't fall for the oh so secret homosexual agenda? So, don't worry about it.

I have yet to hear that gay marriage caused a breakdown in any state that it's been allowed. It's been legal in Mass for awhile, and I go to Mass quite a lot and I've yet to see fire raining from the sky, or cats sleeping with dogs, or gay people fucking in the middle of the street, or any of the other horrors predicted. Instead, I might see two women or two men holding hands in a restaurant, or maybe a little kissing in public. Nothing terrible, nothing shameful, and nothing even close to the end of the world.
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