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A question for those who cook...

Thanksgiving is coming up, and this year, Mom, Todd and I are having a simple dinner at Mom's condo. The rehab place will let her come home for the day, and we're picking up dinner from the local supermarket, pre-made.

The issue is stuffing. Stuffing that comes with those pre-made meals is usually something like Stove Top and none of us really like that. So, I did some hunting around the house and found Mom's stuffing recipe and it doesn't seem like it will be a problem for me to make some up.

The issue though, is to get it that turkey like taste. Since there are only three of us, we're getting a roast turkey breast, pre-cooked.

Any idea/suggestions for what I can do to give the stuffing that "cooked in the bird" flavor, without, yaknow, having to actually stuff it in a turkey? The stuffing doesn't have any chicken or turkey broth in it, so that won't help. Can I put some broth in it to give the flavor?

What I was thinking was that since we'll have to pick up the meal Wednesday, I'll be heating it up on Thursday. If I were to put the stuffing in a pan and sorta... put it around the turkey breast and heat it slowly in an oven, putting some turkey or chicken broth on it to baste it as it heats, do you think that will help give it that "Roasted in a turkey" flavor?

My mom always loves the stuffing the most. I'd really like to surprise her with something as close to her simple bread and sage stuffing as possible.
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