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Well, my Dad would have laughed

I am staying at my parents condo right now, and probably will be for at least another week. My mother calls me up today and has me running around the place, gathering this and that to bring to her now that many things are up to her.

So, she's got me going here and there and she's saying, "Well, I'll need this too, but later." In other words, she's planning her week of what I need to bring when.

Then she says, "I don't mind you're staying at the condo, but it's not necessary, it's not like I need anything there."

My first urge was to go, "MOM, are you KIDDING? I have a three page list here, of stuff you just need today!" But, then I could have sworn I heard my father laughing from the other room. And, while I didn't laugh in my mother's ear, when I hung up with her, I had a good chuckle.

I'm going to miss laughing with my dad. But I'm glad I know his sense of humor well enough that I can still see situations where he would have laughed.
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