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Now you can really reclaim your game!

Those of you who are Sims 2 players, or those of you who play other games by EAgames, or any games that use the horror known as Securom, listen up, someone called Midfingr, over at Reclaim Your Game has come up with The SecuROM Be Gone Batchfile which gets rid of Securom from your system, without you having to mess around with your own registry files.

Since I had nothing to do with creating this, and I have nothing to do with the testing, I am disabling comments on this post, because the information you'll need about this is at Reclaim Your Game

You are welcome to put this information into your own journal. You are welcome to link to this in your own journal if you prefer. The folks at Reclaim Your Game are trying to spread the word.

Since I have refused to buy any expansion packs after Seasons because of Securom, this is of great interest to me.
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