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How to Download Hair from Coolsims in 5 easy steps with 7 pictures!

How to Download hair from CoolSims

No, I am not doing this to insult anyone's intelligence. It just was mentioned on Simsecrets that someone couldn't figure it out. I went there and realized that it really isn't very clear how to do it, so I figured it out and made a tutorial. Also, I was really bored.

I used Firefox as my browser. I don't know if it will be any different with IE.

If this does not solve your problem, I have another temporary solution listed at the end:

If you cannot get this to work using the tutorial, here is another solution:

Go here




And here

I'm only doing this as a temporary stopgap until Coolsims can fix the problem themselves. These files probably won't be up long, so get them while you can. Yes, I know Rapidshare has an annoying little "fifteen minutes between downloads for freeusers!" issue going, but I have an account with them, so I'm using them. It's a pain, but you'll have to deal with it.

Most of the hairs come with a preview picture in the file, so you can see which ones you want.
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