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Uh, Jesse? Reconsider.

Jesse absolutely adores the cat toy I made. I mean really adores it. He has lots of toys, but that's the one he keeps coming back to, the one that he's taught himself to open several different containers to get to.

But, sometimes his methods of play make me wonder. This is his typical game:

1: Find toy. He can smell it!

2: Get toy loose. This is simple. If the toy is in a container he can open, then he'll open the container and remove the toy. If it isn't, then he will meow and marf, gurgle and chirp, then resort to loud meowing until someone gets the damned toy out.

3: Bring toy to Mommy's office. This can be done by either dragging it himself, or following someone who carries it into the office.

4: Get someone (always "me") to start the game. It's a simple game, Mommy holds stick and waves it around in the air. Jesse chases it, performing all sorts of tricks. For variety, Mommy loves to raise it so Jesse must climb up and down the scratching post to get at it.

5: Eventually, catch the toy. Hold toy in mouth. Growl at anyone who dares to even think about taking a wad of colored feathers covered in catspit away from him. I mean, doesn't everyone want one?

6: Attempt to drag toy out of room.

Normally, it's just that, an attempt to drag it out of the room, which is thwarted by my gently pulling until he releases hold on the toy, then the game begins anew. But sometimes...

7: Drag toy from room.

8: Look very pleased.

9: Wait for game to begin

10: Notice no one is picking up the cat toy.

11: Walk around the cat toy, in case there is an invisible human being around who will pick up the cat toy.

12: Realize he's screwed.

13: Begin crying, meowing, marfing, gurgling, and really yowling over this horrible fate that has befallen him.

14: Hear Mommy yell at him to shut up from the other room.

15: Remember that oh yeah! There's a human in the other room!

16: Drag toy back into room. Drop at Mommy's feet and give the most adorable look you can until Mommy remembers her place and starts playing again.

We've owned him over a year. You'd think after all that time, he'd learn that taking the toy out of the room is a bad idea, but nope. Every day, at least once a day, it's the same thing. Every day. Without fail.

I have stupid cats.
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