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He's a SIM cat.

Anyone on my FL play Sims 2? Well, that was a silly question, what I should have said was "How many of you on my FL play Sims 2?"

Have you noticed that when a cat meows in Sims 2, they do this head wave thing? The head kinda bobs from side to side as they meow, "Meow" swing head to left, "Meow!" swing head to right, "Meow!"

Well Jesse does that in real life. I'm not kidding. He'll stand in the middle of the living room floor, his head going from side to side as he meows.

It's cute for the first three or four minutes, then it gets bothersome, then after having tried everything to get him to stop, like making sure he's been fed, water is fresh and clean, tried to play with him, changed liter boxes and he's still doing it, it's god-damned annoying.

He was doing it for awhile this afternoon. It got on Goten's nerves too, because he went over and smacked him across the face.

Jesse stopped. For about six seconds. Goten looked at me as if to say, "Bad enough you had to give me a brother, but did he have to be retarded too?" Then he stormed into my bedroom/office where he started shredding bits of carpet off the scratching post and tried to eat them.

To which Chrissy looked at me, and I read on her face, "Can I PLEASE be an ONLY cat?"
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