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It's hot...

I know I live in an area that gets blessed with winter. But that doesn't mean it isn't hot here.

Last night it was cool. Almost cold. Nice sleeping weather, except that it was humid as hell so no matter what, I felt sticky.

Today it is so hot, my tongue is sweating. Remy is lying on my bed, looking at me with big, sad, golden eyes that say, "Please, make it stop, Mommy!"

Chrissy is trying to build herself another bitchclone by sheading huge ammounts of fur and glaring at me. Her little brain has grasped that this is darned uncomfortable weather. She's trying to desperately pin the fault for this weather on me.

On the one hand, obviously, if I can control the weather, she thinks I'm God. Not bad.

On the other hand, since there is not a darned thing I can do about it, I'm obviously not a very good god and therefore am totally in deserving of her contempt.

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