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Again, Happy Holidays

Seems sorta silly to have not updated this since Thanksgiving and now to be saying, "Merry Christmas," but I did want to send along seasons best, no matter what you celebrate.

I've become rather disenchanted with online blogging for reasons that are best not gotten into now. I'm slowly recovering from Shingles, the worst is behind me (I hope) but believe it or not, I still have body aches.

The holidays are always busy at work and this year was no exception, except that it was worse than it was last year. We were disorganized, understaffed, underequiped, you name it, if it was something we needed, we didn't have it. But, I made it through without too much strain.

So, again, I'm doing fine. Happy Holidays to all. Sorry I'm not around, but honestly, blogging has become a huge choir to me lately, whenever I think, "I really need to update my LJ, my stomach ties up in knots and I get all panic strickened because I know I'll say something stupid and likely than not piss people off. And, as my husband says, "If it makes you feel bad, then don't do it." He's right. Maybe I'll get back my "who the hell cares" attitude and be more willing to update, but for now? Meh.

Cats are doing all right. I'm taking good care of them, not giving them anything dangerous to eat or play with. Jesse insists on finding every wire tie we've ever had in the house since we moved here, but we're managing to get them out of his way fairly fast. Goten is still trying to kill me by laying in front of the door, so I trip over him when I come inside.

Goten and Jesse both "helped" me wrap packages, and by "help" I mean, rip at paper, shred at boxes, run off with lightweight gifts. I was not happy. Jesse and Goten were quite amused, so I guess that's what counts the most. I'll try to find a way to explain to my nephew why the CD I bought him has teeth marks on it. Or to my mother why the bow on her package has cat spit on it.

Stay safe, stay happy, stay warm.
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