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Eww, that STENCH!

We're having the driveway blacktopped. Okay, the landlord is having the driveway blacktopped. It is quite hot outside today, so our windows are open to let the breeze in. The whole house now smells awful.

I'm going to make meatloaf soon. A fair bit of meatloaf since 97% lean ground beef was on sale, we're close to broke, and we both love homemade meatloaf. I've got three pounds of ground beef, I'm hoping with oatmeal, tomato, cheese, and onion, I can stretch this into two main meals and maybe even some lunch.

I'm just hoping that the smell of blacktop roasting in the sun doesn't get into the taste of the meatloaf, because I can't imagine it will add a delicious flavor.

Todd is back at work. This is a good thing.

How come the whole house can smell like blacktop and the cats hardly blink? Yet, if they accidentally sniff my diet pepsi, they give me a look like they're smelling something horrid? Yes, I understand that diet pepsi most likely has an inorganic smell to it, but honestly, I can't imagine that blacktop (tar) smells super natural. Okay, you can find tar in nature, but considering that tar is responsible for the deaths of many animals, you'd think the smell of it would drive them nuts. But nope, they don't care. They are sleeping happily while the house continues to reek of blacktop.

I am baffled.
Tags: cats, life in general, oatmeal

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