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I really can't stand this person...

Okay, I confess, I've been watching I Love Money on VH-1.

Yes, I watched Flavor of Love, 1, 2, & 3. I hope to god they never make a Flavor of Love 4, because the show went downhill every time they did it. The first one was awesome, mostly because of New York. But, it lost its charm on the second and on the third, it was just stupid. It was so stupid that durring the reunion show, Flav dumps the girl he "wins." She doesn't seem to give a crap, after we saw her bawling and ranting about how much she loved him, and he proposes to the mother of one of his kids. Oddly, I suspected from the beginning that this one was entirely rigged, meaning every girl knew before she even got there, how long she would be there, and that there really would be no winner.

I watched Rock of Love 1 & 2. And came to the conclusion that Brett can be a total whinny baby.

I watched I Love New York, 1 & 2 mostly to see what New York would do, because I find her a riot and I wish to god someone would find her a role she could really play. I'd love to see her in a movie, or in a weekly sit com. She'd make a great "Neighbor the guys are hot for, but never ask out because she scares the hell out of them"

Anyway, so we started watching I Love Money, mostly because it seemed like the most likely to be less rigged than any of the others. No one has to pretend to be in love with someone, they only have to want to win. Yes, there probalby is some rigging going on, but I figured it might be a little less scripted. And, I just wanted to watch all these lunatics in the same house.

For the most part, I don't have any strong feelings about any of them, except one... and I hate her. I hope to god that this is rigged and she's just playing a part, because if they are showing the real her on the show? Then man, this girl needs to be bitchslapped a few million times.

I'm talking about Megan. She was a total bitch on Rock of Love, she's gone beyond bitch and well into the relm of C-dom now. Yes, she's blond, yes she has a nice body, I'm not blind, but she's about the meanest person I've ever seen. Even when she's smiling she looks as if she's about to retch any moment, and like she's in complete pain over the idea of having to twist her face into an expression other than, "I am so much better than you, BOW BEFORE ME!" Which is her every day look.

In her auditon tape, she's got this stupid dog who's mentally retarded. She makes a big deal out of this, as if we're all supposed to admire her, or think she's some type of humanitarian because of this. Instead, all I can think is that a normal dog would have run away, or bit her face off, so she has to have a dog that doesn't know any better. But, she introduces the dog, then says how she rescued her from Ohio, which was awesome of her, because no one should ever have to live in Ohio. With this look on her face, like she was just forced to swallow drano, that's how horrible even the mere thought of Ohio is to her.

I only wish I lived in Ohio, so I could say, "Fuck you, Megan. Ohio is a fantastic state and I'm glad I live here and YOU DON'T!"

I can tell that the show is throwing her at us on the idea that she's a bitch and we'll all love to hate her. It's not working, I don't love to hate her, I just plain hate her. The controversy she causes isn't fun, all it seems is that she uses every excuse to tell anyone and everyone how much they such and how fantastically awesome she is in comparison. Then, when someone confronts her, she tries to look like she's sad, but the face twists into that sneer of contempt too quickly, that says, "No one in this whole goddamned world means anything but ME! I don't care about anyone but ME. And the whole world should only care about ME as well."

New York was the girl who cause the controversy in Flavor of Love 1 & 2 and she was awesome. People loved her, hated her, loved to love her or loved to hate her. She kept things constantly stirred up and fun. I loved watching that woman, just to see what she would do next.

I don't get any of that spirit from Megan. All I get from Megan is a mean little woman-girl who thinks that because she is blond and has a nice body, that she's so much better than anyone else. That because she's considered good looking by most standards, she never has to be nice, that she can say mean and cruel things, and nobody better say anything against her. Because if you're mean to her, that's just wrong!

I want to say she reminds me of the nastiest girls I knew in High School, but to be honest? She comes across worse. And I was a total freak in High School and picked on by pretty much everybody, but none of them seem as just....mean to the soul as Megan does.

I really hope this is just her schtick, something she's worked out so she'll be remembered and maybe be able to launch her acting career, because I really hate the idea that there could be someone who really is pretty on the outside but is completely rotten and mean on the inside. This girl comes across like she has absolutely no redeeming qualities to her. And that's pretty freakin' sad. Even the nastiest people I've ever met or seen, I can usually find something about them that says that they're human and at the core, every human being has their good sides, but not her. As I've said, I hope it's an act. I hate the idea of someone existing that has nothing good about them. Even serial killers usually have at least one or two good qualities to them.
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