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More about 'dem silly cat toys!

I sent out the first "batch" today. No, it was not a huge batch, it was only three of them, but it was still a bit exciting.

I responded directly to the people who I mailed to today. This means if I haven't notified you directly that I mailed it to you, then I haven't mailed it to you. But, I will eventually, I promise!

I did find out the postage though. I mailed the ones out today as Priority Mail. Why? Because if I mail it priority, I can use their mailing "tubes" (which are ugly triangular things) for free. Considering that mailing tubes are about 2.50 cents a piece (I need mailing tubes that are about 2' long, and at least 2" in diameter) the money I'd save by sending these out first class would be eaten up by buying mailing tubes. If I'm lucky, someday I'll be able to send away for a huge amount of mailing tubes where I can get them for a cheaper price.

Anyway, it seems like postage to mail these toys priority mail, in the continental USA, is 4.80 cents. (thank goodness these aren't heavy!)

For those who volunteered to pay for postage, I'm putting up a paypal donation button:

If you were going to donate, but don't want to until you get the item, I completely understand. If you donate for postage before I mail it out, I will put your name at the top of the list. (The mailing list is pretty much set up by the order of the requests) Again though, I want to stress that if I told you that you made the list, then you made the list and you will be getting one of these toys. I'm not going to welsh on this, I really do need testers.

One other thing, at this point, I do have more than enough testers. So, if you just stumbled on this and were hoping to sign up? I'm sorry, you're too late.

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