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Dremel and other crafty questions.


I'm thinking about getting a Dremel as my birthday gift to me. (My parents give me money to buy a gift for myself. This year, I want to say hang it and actually buy a gift for me, rather than spend it on bills or something for Todd/Cats/someone else)

What I want is something I can use for craft projects. Sanding small objects, polishing things, nothing too intense, no carving out things, or making complicated wooden objects that would be better made with a professional jigsaw, I'm just looking for a versitle tool.

I have two decent drills (One corded, one cordless) and I do use them, but, if you want to use a drill for anything other than screwing and drilling, the attachments start getting mega expensive.

I won't have a lot of money to spend on this, but the heaviest duty I'd like it to be able to perform is to maybe saw through a 1/2 wooden dowel once in awhile, to save the bother of hand sawing sometimes. Otherwise, it'll be used for sanding, polishing, occational paint stripping, those sorts of things.

Given my uses, is a dremel the tool I'm looking for? If not, what would you suggest? Also, what type of dremel would you suggest? If you own a dremel, what type do you own, what do you use it for, and how much do you like it?

Yes, I do know that Dremel is a brand name, and that what it really is is a rotary tool, but most people call all rotary tools of that sort a Dremel. So, if you say you have a Black and Decker, Rotary tool, that it's just like a Dremel.

Also, I've seen ads for the Black and Decker rotary tool that says "Can use any rotary tool attachments" Does anyone know if this means official Dremel attachments too? Dremel seems to have a huge line of attachements, and if only Dremel brand rotary tools can use them, then I'll probably go with the Dremel brand, simply because that leaves me open for more uses I might find later.

Oh yeah, another craft question too... has anyone ever bought one of those little Singer handheld stitchers? (This is what I'm talking about) If so, are they any good, or would I be better off saving up for a real sewing machine, or trying to find a real used sewing machine? I'm not looking for anything fancy, just something I can make a quick stitch to sew together material for cat toys and things like that, so I don't need something that makes five hundred different stitches or anything like that. Just something basic.
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