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This is very odd

This doesn't happen very often, but I really have nothing to say tonight. Work was barely worth my time it was so slow.

The wake was... well, it was a wake. Less said about that the better. I'm glad we went and paid our respects, but it wasn't a fun time. As usual, I felt totally out of place in this city, because everyone is Catholic and I'm not. Everyone goes up and kneels in front of the coffin, I don't. And everyone stares at me as if they're thinking, "Oh my God, she's a lapsed Catholic!" or, "She has no religion at all!" Err uh... it's okay, most Protestants don't have to kneel. We don't have to eat fish durring Lent either. And we don't cross ourselves when we pray.

When I was a kid, I used to envy my friend across the street for being Catholic. It seemed very mysterious to me when I was a child, with all the kneeling and crossing and other things. Like some sort of secret club you had to be a member of to understand. Then, I got older and I learned more about it, and decided it wasn't for me. No, I'm not knocking Catholics. I just realized that I'm too much of a "I'll do what I want and deal with the concequences myself" person to feel comfortable with it. I still think there is beauty and mystery in the religion that is somewhat lacking in a lot of the branches of the Protestant relgion.

Hm... for someone who came on saying I didn't have anything to say, I managed to say a lot. so, I guess I'll end this.

Besides, Chrissy is sitting on my bed staring at me with this look that says, "Chicken or death." I guess I'd better give her a snack.

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