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Stupid question?

I considered asking this in Little Details, but it's not for a story, so I figure it would violate the rules.

Okay, you know how if you buy something in the store, on a pegboard, it will often come in a plastic bag? And the plastic bag will have a cardboard thing at the top with the name of the product and such information, then the card is folded in half, the plastic bag is placed in between, stapled to the bag, and then a hole is punched through the cardboard thing so it can be hung from the pegboard?

Well, the question is, does anyone know what that cardboard at the top is called?
I was trying to see if anyone sold blank ones that could be run through a computer to print stuff on, but so far, every search I've done shows me nothing. I type in Hanging Tags and I get those tiny sales tags on strings. I type in "Peg board tags" and I get... pretty much nothing. Price tags, and I get stickers or those hanging tags with the string again. It's driving me crazy. I'm figuring if there was an official name for these things, I might be able to find them.

Thanks. Sorry I'm being so cranky about this, but honestly, I've been searching on and off for days and can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
Tags: frustration, question

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