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Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Proving I have no life, there are things I've been thinking about. These are pretty much unrelated things, just random thoughts.

1:There is a very long, very boring road in Australia, that people fall asleep on, it's that boring. There are also some roads in Texas that will do that to you too. The problem is that the roads don't have much in the way of new things for drivers to focus on, so all the landscape starts to blur together. Okay, why doesn't someone make it manditory for every school class from grades K-12 to make a weatherproof sculpture as a class art project? It doesn't matter what it looks like, how ugly it is, whatever, as long as it doesn't look like a stretch of boring road. Then, they can take these sculptures and put them randomly about the road. Since every year, more statutes will be added, eventually, the areas will be well scattered with art. Then, older peices (that have become boring having been seen for so long) can be "retired" and new ones will replace them. It would be a lot less boring to drive on a road knowing that at any moment, you might see some really awe inspiring artwork made by kindergarten children, using poster paints and old plastic milk bottles.

Just for real "spice" people on the road crew would be required to move some of these around so they don't stay in the same location twice. So, you never know where that rocket ship made by Ms. Crispee's 4th grade class out of used lightbulbs and recycled popsicle sticks will be. Imagine how much more alert you'll be, as you say to yourself Now, where is the moose in the bikini made out of coffee cans and old lunch trays? I really don't want to miss that!

2: How come everyone is supposed to sacrifice to stop global warming, yet nothing seems to ever get done? This is my latest pet peeve too. The government is high on the "Global warming sucks! Cut back folks!" Yes, I know, big oil runs everything, but I've been seeing shows and reading magazines about amazing things they're doing. Hydrogen cars, cars that are made of, and run on soybeans. All this neat stuff, but it never seems to happen. Yes, I've heard of about one Hydrogen car coming out, but where is that car going to fuel up?

I know that I cannot afford some new car that runs on soybean oil or hydrogen, or magcial elf farts, but there are people who can and would if they had the option. So, why don't they have it?

Before you think I'm being impatient, I'll remind you that I grew up durring the '70s gas shortage and I saw all these wonder cars. My school even had a demonstration of these "future cars" I remember this brightly colored pedal car that I got to try out that really zipped along, considering it ran on foot power. It wasn't that tiring either and would be great for people to zip about and do errands. "This car will be the car of the future, and will cost about 500 dollars!" I couldn't wait to own onw.

It never came about.

Neither did the electric car (Yes, I know, I saw how that one was "killed")

All we got were cars that got better milage.

Meanwhile, we're stuck with high polutant cars and the solution is, "tighten up the emissions." The problem with that being that it makes cars even more disposable, as the emissions get tougher and more cars just won't pass without huge money thrown into them. So, people end up getting a newer car. Or, even worse, they end up findind a sleezy place that will give them the sticker anyway. And, if it's some family that just can't afford to lose their transportation, you really can't fault them, they need that car.

I'm not expecting hovering cars any time soon, but I keep seeing all these miracles and yet they are always at the "Someday" stage. Can't someday actually happen? I still want my zippy little pedal car. I've been waiting for 30 years.

3: Why are so many people hyper about "the proper care of animals" when shelters are still full of them? I'm not talking about regular food, water, and visits to the vet, I'm talking about people who toss a hissy fit and tell you you're a lousy pet parent if you don't feed your cat supreme catfood that costs well over a dollar a can or well over 10 dollars for a 1-3lb bag of dry food. People that if your cat shakes his head once, expect you to rush him to the vet. Expect people to pay megabucks to keep a 17 year old cat alive. Want to sh*t in your boot if you don't have a special room set aside for your indoor cat?

I don't fault anyone for spoiling their cat. But not everyone can afford the type of care these nutjobs talk about. I've been doing raw when I can for my cats, and honestly, I can't really afford it. I do it because it makes Goten a little more manageable. If it didn't make a difference, I wouldn't be doing it.

Every sunday I see cats that would adore a good home. I'm not the best cat owner in the world, but I'll bet at least half the cats that have been in the shelter for more than a few weeks, would happily come home with me. I don't give "top level" care, but I give pretty good care. Why are some of these people absolutely batshit insane about slamming onto people who aren't able to treat their cats like spoiled little princesses? I look at Jesse and think, "Would it have been kinder to leave him outside to die, because I can't afford to buy him raw phesant and venison every day?"

I think if Jesse could talk, he'd say that while living high off the hog would be great, it's better to at least have food every day and a warm bed, than days with no food and sleeping outdoors.

4: Why would it be cheaper for me to have cable phone, internet, and TV, rather than just internet and TV? I would understand if it was just the same, but if I get all three, I get significant savings. It just doesn't make sense. Plus, if I was willing to get the damned phone, I'd get free HBO for a year. They won't let me just sign up for the phone service and not have it turned on either.

5: Why can so many people dish it out but can't take it? If you want to be an ass, that's your choice, but why is it that so many assholes get really pissy if you're an ass back to them? See most snark communities for examples. They can talk about you all they want and say mean things, but that's all high wit. If you defend or respond, they get all pissy. "you're missing the point." Maybe I have, but where I come from, if you smack me verbally, I've got the right to smack back. No, I'm not just picking on fandom wank (although they are pretty guilty of it) there are a hundred other similar type places where this happens. "We can poke you with a stick, but you can't poke back. The only way to 'win' is to ignore or humbly admit that they are awesome and you are scum who is guilty of everything they have accused you of. Yes, it's always fun to be able to think you're safe and secure from any backsplash, but logic should tell people that you can't take a poke at someone and always expect them to roll over.

6: We have always fed our cats wet food, in the morning. The only times we have ever given them wet food at night is if we are going to be gone the next morning. So, if the cats get fed after morning, we are heading out the door. And we maybe do that only once or twice a year. So, why does Chrissy prance in the kitchen and act as if she's been fed twice a day since forever, every single night?

7: All the canned food I have fed my cats has been from cans with pop tops on it. So, why do the cats come running when they hear me operate the very quiet hand held can opener. If it's tuna, I understand, they smell it, but they come running for beans, or tomato sauce. And look pissed when it isn't cat food.

8: Why are most moring people so darned smug about it? I've noticed that morning people think there is nothing wrong with waking you up in the morning. And if you complain you're asleep, they always say, "But it's _____ O'clock in the morning! Are you going to sleep all day?" Yet, if I were to call them at 1:00 in the morning, I'm an asshole.

Nope, no one is under any obligation to answer any of these. They're just things I'm wondering about.
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