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You folks are brilliant, any advice?

It seems that Jesse came into our lives with at least one specific goal; to destroy every cat toy thrown his way.

It's really quite annoying and getting rather expensive. Yes, cheap balls he does all right with, but his real love is for things that flutter and dangle about in the air, the more birdlike the better. Thus go our plans for having a budgie any time soon.

So, rather than spend 6-10+ dollars a week for toys that barely last him a day, I figure the best thing I can do is learn to make toys for him.

I can find good stuff in the craft shops. Feathers, wooden dowels, etc. What I need to figure out is how to attach toys to the dowels in such a way that they last more than five minutes. String won't do it, he'll rip it out of my hands and in seconds, bite through it. What I'd like to do is use like a hobby chain.

By hobby chain, I mean that stuff that dangles from basement light sockets, or ceiling fans. It looks like a series of B.B.s with wire strung between them. I figure this would have a great purpose, because I can make various toys for Jesse, and need only one dowel.

What I need to figure out is:
1: How to get the chain affixed to the dowel. I have a drill, I can drill a small hole through the dowel, but I have to then find a way to secure the chain inside. Any ideas?

2: How to perminantly attach another peice of chain (this one with the little attachement piece) to the handmade toy. Any ideas of glue or something glue like that would be so strong that if I sunk a chain into it, it would be so tough that tugging the chain out of this mass of glue and feathers would be almost impossible?
I don't want Jesse to become a fat cat. Yes, I know, Goten really isn't as fat as I was made to believe he was from the ex vet, but Jesse is long and lean with big ears and he just looks...beautiful. Like a wild creature that mysteriously became domesticated. I don't want him to start looking like a typical "I eat too much and sleep too much" housecat. Toys that I can flutter around and he can jump and grab for are excellent for him, he'll play until I have to call a stop, least he has a kitty heart explosion.

Any advice, suggestions, ideas? Please? The waistline of a dear, sweet, wonderful, kitty depends on it.

Also, Goten enjoys playing with those toys too, and "just perfect weight" or not, it wouldn't hurt him to firm up a bit of that flab.
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