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We have kind of a 50/50 thing here.

First things first... I put up a poll this weekend gathering opinions on legendary creatures, ghosts, and aliens. If you haven't taken it yet, I'd love and appreciate it if you would. It's something I'm curious about.

My parent's cat is home. However, the cat needs a lot of medical care. Two antibiotic shots, two insulin shots, a thyroid medication for the ear. My father and I just discussed putting the cat down. I think my dad felt guilty about it, but I told him that you have to look also at the quality of life for the cat at the present time. The cat has never been an overly friendly cuss, but now he's withdrawn completely. I asked my father if he thought maybe the cat was withdrawing from the pack (meaning my parents) because the cat knew his time was short. My dad wonders if that is it.

I told him that sometimes the best thing to do is to realize that cats do send us signals when they're tired of living and that if he and my mother feel those signals indicate BC is tired of living, then maybe the best thing to do is to let BC go on over the rainbow bridge.

Even though my father said he knew I would understand, I think there was a part of him that wanted my approval. I told him a loving, sane choice to end the cats misery is never a bad choice and if he needed me to go with him, I would. That's all I can do. I wish I could do more. I also wish my mother would consider adopting another cat, an older cat. I understand her fear of her and my dad outliving a young cat, but a 7+ cat has a lot of years in him/her and when people send a cat that old to a shelter, it's almost like a death sentence. Very few people ever want to adopt a cat that old. My parents could give a good life to an older cat, and if they only have 5-10 good years with the cat? Well, that's better than having the cat live at the shelter for the rest of his/her life.

Now that I've depressed you, I'll share some good news. Sache is home and she's safe. It turns out that one of the people in the building was storing some stuff in the attic and Sache ran in behind them and got locked in for four days. Fortunately, Sache's human mom was in the hall, was quiet, and heard her crying. So, Sache is safely back.

My three cats are not fond of this weather. Chrissy looks at me with those demon eyes of hers, all squinted up and lets me know that deep down she knows I control the weather and I am bringing in all this humidity and heat just to piss her off. While I'm flattered she thinks I'm a deity powerful enough to control weather, I still cannot relieve her of her suffering. Goten gets his revenge by walking by me, arching his back so I get fur up my noise and in my eyes. Humid weather makes cat fur stick and makes the eyes and nose run freely for hours. Jesse lays on the kitchen floor and pants at me as if to say, "Mommy, I am suffering sooooo badly. Please buy me a house with AC okay? And don't let Goten and Chrissy go there, just me okay? You can visit if you bring food and toys."
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