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It's time to do a classic cat toy.

Made by: Hartz Mountain. (Several other companies make very similar products, if you don't wish to use the Hartz brand.)

Found at: Almost every grocery store and department store. Also can be found online at almost any place that sells cat toys.

Price: At offline stores, they run from 1.00 - 3.00 per pack tax, depending on where you shop. Online, They run between 1.31 and 3.26 per pack, shipping

Socialization: A truly versitle toy, this can be used for solitary play, for group play, or for human/cat bonding. Group play might be difficult if your cats don't play well with others (like mine) but I have had cats before that would happily play together with these. Goten enjoys playing "fetch" with these, as well as just rolling them about.

Action style: Rolling toy.

Catnip Enhanced: No.

General Information: Ah yes, the lattice plastic ball with the bell in it. A staple for cats for a number of years and that's because it's hard to argue with a classic. I'm using the Hartz brand here, Midnight Crazies, because it seems to be the most redily available. Yes, I understand that Hartz mountain is considered the Evil Empire to many pet owners, but I have found that their toys are pretty good. I know many people cannot stand their pet care line, (flea and tick removers, vitamins, earmite formula, wormer, etc.) but I'm not here to make judgment on those products, people have to decide for themselves. This is about toys, in particular Midnight Crazies. And yes, I've bought several other brands of this toy and they all seem practially identical to me.

Cat Opinions

Chrissy: They are almost interesting when they roll about. Someday, if I'm in a particularly jaunty mood, I might take a swipe at one. Don't hold your breath though, unless you enjoy turning blue.

Goten Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Did I say "oh boy?" I sure did! That's because Midnight Crazies are about my favorite toy ever. I love to roll them about the floor and bat them around as if they were neon colored round mice with bells in them. I also enjoy having my slaves Mommy and Daddy toss them for me, so I can chase them. The lattice design makes it easy for me to pick these up in my mouth and carry them to be tossed again and again and again. This is really great if Mommy and Daddy are trying to eat, or sleep, or any other activity that might not include me.

They also make great toys for teaching slaves human caregivers who's the boss. A few of these, in the right locations, will make an ordinary room more like a minor minefield as people step on these and possibly trip, or at the least, crush them into bits. Any self respecting cat should own at least five hundred million of these at all times.

Jesse I wasn't crazy about these balls at the beginning. I like things on sticks that wave about in the air. But, I have found that they make lots of noise. The ease of carrying make them great fun to bring to Mommy and Daddy and look all cute until they have to throw it. I like that.


Value: Even if you end up paying the highest price I've found, they're still a good deal. The packs include several balls. Yes, they break easily, especially under the foot of humans, but again, they are easy to replace.

Overall cat enjoyment
Jesse = These can be a lot of fun. They aren't my first toy of choice, but they're up there.

Goten = My favorite toy, my favorite toy, the best toy in the WORD!

Chrissy = They are colorful and the noise attracts my attention. I haven't played with one, because I'm too good for that. But, I enjoy watching the other, inferior cats play with them.

Rebuying Chances I've probably bought a few hundred of these packs over the time I've owned cats, and I'm sure I'll be buying plenty more.

Human Amusement One of the most amusing toys for cats and humans. Cats love to chase them around and most cats are not above bringing one out for a human to toss about. Nothing is more fun for a cat lover, than watching a cat run about, stalk, and do all those hunting guestures. However, actual hunting of a living creature is not always a plesant thing to watch. With these balls, you get all the amusement of watching hunting actions, without having to watch some poor creature getting ripped to shreads.

Safety Moderately Safe
for cats only. For humans, they can pose a bit of a danger, stepping on them in the dark. However, they do break very easily, which creates a bit of a mess, but will at least save you (the human) from flying across the floor. The worst danger is the small bell inside, so if you do break one, make sure you find the bell and throw that away. As far as cats go? I leave these around the house so the cats can play whenever the mood strikes. I've never known them to cause any problems for cats.

In the case of Midnight Crazies and any small balls, you should NEVER leave them about where young children can reach them. The balls themselves are small enough that a young toddler could choke on them. If broken, the bell inside could easily be shoved up a child's nose or in an ear. Please, be careful if you have young children and keep the cattoys out of the children's reach.

Final Word These toys have been around for years and there is a reason for that. Midnight Crazies and all balls like this are a staple of cat toys. They're colorful, fun for the cat, and reasonably priced. What's not to love?

Confused? This post gives information about how I do these reviews
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