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Good news, bad news

Bad news: I messed up my back at work. Yeah, I'm stupid. They stack the totes way too high sometimes and as I was stretching to reach one, my back gave a "pop" and I pulled a muscle. I refuse to feel guilty though, because if they weren't always on our butts about going faster, I wouldn't have tried to get that tote myself, I would have had someone else break down the stack. But, they didn't and I got hurt. Besides, I think I'll be back at work on Friday.

The good news? Oh boy, they gave me some killer drugs. I've been in a fog since Saturday. I'm so used to having doctors that say, "Oh, it's not bad take tylenol!" but when you have back problems, you get action. I'm on Vicoden and some type of muscle relaxant that leaves me and my brain feeling comfortably numb.

This goes a long way in explaining why I haven't been around much. I tell myself, "I should do an entry in my journal," but, as I start out to do that, I end up taking a nap, or finding something important to distract me, like a pretty dust mote, or an interesting bit of lint.

I never knew how fascinating the stains on our carpet are. I'm almost glad we can't get some of them out, no matter how much cleaner we use. One of them looks almost like a duck. Or, perhaps, a fat headed chicken.
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