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You know what sucks?

Wanting to donate time to a local cat shelter and having them completely ignore your calls. Not even to call you back and say, "We have enough help right now, but can we keep your name on file?"

Especially, when you're online, and you see other shelters in other areas who cry out for help. Or sites that are set up to educate people about what they can do to help animals and they all say, "VOLUNTEER TIME AT A SHELTER! PLEASE, SHELTERS NEED YOUR TIME!"

I try to donate a little something, at least every week or so to the cat shelter. They have a barrel at the store I work at, and I try to at least pick up three cans of adult catfood and a few cans of kitten catfood, because they claim to need it. If I can, I pick up some paper towel and other cleaning supplies.

No, they don't know it's me doing it, and other people do it too. But, it just sorta hurts that I'm willing to give my time, that I've left several messages with my phone number, and they can't even get back to me, just to say they don't need me.

It makes me feel sorta useless. Or, like there is something seriously wrong with me, that I can't even donate time to the type of place that supposedly needs it. And I know it's stupid, but it just, brings me down.

I should go up when they're open and confront them, but I'm paranoid that they'll brush me off, and be thinking, Oh god, what is she doing, stalking us? We've ignored her phone messages, why won't she get the hint already?

I thought I'd try the town right next to us too. The shelter is right near my house, probably closer than the one for the city I live in. They don't give their hours. It's very odd.

Yeah, I know, I'm not a lot of fun today.
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