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Cat Macros

Meh, I'll never be good enough for ICHC, but these rather suggested themselves and I enjoyed making them, because they feature the most special cats in the world, mainly mine. There are only three of them.

For those who think that looking at my cats is boring (In other words, probably 99% of the world) I shall be nice and

This one doesn't need an explanation, I hope. This would have been a great shot of Jesse, if I could just learn how to hold the freakin' camera correctly.

This is the only one I could think that people might find a use for. If you want to use it somewhere, feel free. *shrugs* Goten often does look like he wants to lecture Jesse about the right way to act. Jesse always looks like Goten is an old fart who's boring him to tears.

This one is my absolute favorite, but sadly, you have to know a bit about me/my cats/etc. to "get it."

I've written the expanation for Miffled before, but in case you've missed it. Miffled is a cross between the words "Baffled" and "Miffed." It means, "I have no clue what's going on around here, and it's totally pissing me off. It is Chrissy's word. It is Chrissy's state of mind. I've made up words before, but I've mostly felt them to be stupid. This word is one of the best ones I've ever made up. I've got people I know offline using it. Especially at work, where we often don't know what's going on and it really does piss us off. Anyway, lecture aside, I like the shot, I like the caption.
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