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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I didn't read the book, but I did listen to it. Which, is actually better for me to do, because I have a tendency to read things really fast and miss stuff. By listening, while I do miss stuff if someone interrupts me, I tend to get more. When it comes out in Paperback, I'll buy a reading copy to have too.


I liked it. More than I thought I would. And, I was pretty happy with the ending, it tied up a lot of loose ends. (19 years later)

I thought JK did an awesome job of making us wonder, "Is Dumbledore alive?" without actually doing it. Yes, I admit, I wanted him to be alive, so every tiny hint that he might be, made me chortle with glee. However, I think if he really had been alive, it would have cheapened the death. Let's face it, I think the X-Men and the Revolving Door Jean Grey saga has taught us that bringing those back from the dead doesn't always do so good for the character or the writer's credibility.

Harry and Ginny. I know that really bothers some fans. I understand why it might, I even understand why people might have thought Harry would end up with Hermione. But, I actually saw her and Ron having a better chance. I never really saw Harry having much feelings for Hermione other than those of friendship.

What I don't understand though, is the extent some fans have gone to in expressing their displeasure. I mean... I don't want to belittle people, and I won't fall on the old excuses of, "Oh c'mon, it's just a story!" but really...falling into a miserable depression over it and being unable to go to work? Sending death threats to the author? Accusing the author of doing this deliberately to ruin their (the fans) lives? It gets to the point where I just wanna say, "This Harry Potter stuff is serious sh*t, yo!"

As for Harry/Ginny, I see it. Yes, I know some folks think that Ginny is a bit too much like Lilly, but in truth, that's a big selling point. We do have a habbit of looking for those qualities we like in our parents in our mates. Every guy I've ever dated, I can find something in him that is similar to my father.

In the case of Harry, he never knew his mother. But, since he started at Hogwarts, he's been told how awesome she was, how wonderful she was. I mean, at times, I wanted someone, anyone to tell an embarassing story about how Lilly farted in class, or fell down the stairs. Yes, I understand that when people die, we make better of them, but still, they could bring up what a little brat James could be, Lilly the perfect was almost too much at times.

However, I would imagine that Harry would go looking for those qualities in others, to me, it made sense. As for the red hair, well, there seems to be a large number of redheads in the Harry Potter world.

The most surprising thing in the book? Wanting to leap into the story and give Snapes a big hug. Honestly, I think JK did an awesome job with that! She didn't turn Snapes into a big old wussy who deep down had the cuddly-wuddly snuffy-foos for Harry, but couldn't show it. He wasn't keen on Harry at the beginning, at the end, I think what he had was a grudging respect for him, but all the time he was on the right side, but she had us convinced he wasn't. I mean, she had left some big hints that he was all right in interviews, etc. but at the end of Book Six, I was convinced he was a total and complete butthole. Then, what'dya know? He turns out to be okay after all.

I cheered at his sacking, then wound up almost crying for him when Harry was looking at his memories. I almost wanted to write a story about Snapes being taken in as a kid, by someone who would have actually given a crap about him.

(Speaking of Snapes as a kid... indigoskynet Has drawn the cutest picture of a younger Snapes)

So, I have to admit, as a whole, the series didn't let me down. And I almost feel bad for JK, simply because I don't know if she'll ever be able to beat this series.
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