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It's Monday and do You Know Where My Brain Is?

Todd took vacation last week, which explains why I wasn't on the net much. I openly admitted to him that I really did like the new version of Dr. Who. I suspect he's been waiting for me to show some favor for Dr. Who all my life, 'cause barely were the words out of my mouth when he was rushing to the basement to dig up all the video tapes he had of stuff he's accumulated since apparently, time began.

After a week of watching "classic" Dr. Who, I've determined three things. 1: I still like the new show better. 2: Daleks rock big time. (They're like the ultimate villian. Dangerous, but so wonderfully silly you can't help but love them!) and 3: If you're traveling around with Dr. Who and he ever says, "I think we should go on a holiday!" run like hell in the other direction, cause that's when the big trouble starts.

So, last week was a vegged out blur for the most part. Then, came Saturday, which was...

The other two groups playing with Zombie were Bullets for my Valentine, and Lacuna Coil. Apparently, Lacuna Coil has a rather devoted fan base. We got to the concert early, because our tickets never arrived in the mail, so we had to call on them at the box office. We found out the box office didn't open until 6:30. We got there at 5:00. Fine by us, we wanted to get something to eat anyway.

But, there was already a fairly big group waiting to get in and most of them were dressed very goth and also wearing Lacuna Coil T-shirts. While Todd was checking on the box office, I was leaning against a truck waiting for him, wearing my light blue T-shirt with a snow leopard on it, looking about as much in place as an olive would look on a wedding cake. Finally, some guy comes over and says, "Something wrong?"

I said, "I'm looking for my daughter. Can you help? She's wearing a black, Lacuna Coil T-shirt, she's wearing very pale makeup with purple lipstick, a lot of black around the eyes. Her hair is dyed an unnatural dark black color. She's wearing a black skirt and ripped fishnet stockings... she's about 23, has a peirced nose, a peirced eyebrow, and several peircing in her ear, and she's got a couple tats on her arms."

As I expected, the guy looked around at the crowd, then at me and said, "Anything unusual about her?"

Anyway, so after that bit of amusement, we went and got pizza. We come back, get our tickets and go stand in the now much longer lines, that also has a lot of headbangers in it. We run into this girl Todd used to work with named Jen. We chat with her while we're waiting.

Finally, we get inside the place. It's like a cross between a nightclub and a stadium. There are no seats and the place looks rather...flamable. Visions of the Station House fire begin dancing through my head and I'm really grateful that they have this no smoking policy, (of which we were reminded through every checkpoint of inspection) I later believe that Todd and I were about the only smokers that respected that rule, which made me nervous as hell. Since I smoke, I'm not going to bitch about the second hand smoke, but I'd really rather not die in a fire, thank you very much.

First band, Bullets for my Valentine goes on. Todd thinks they're okay. I am not very impressed. Thrash metal has never done much for me, and I've passed the 40 year old mark, so I can say, "All it is is a bunch of damned noise!" and feel justified. My legs began to ache, so I found a place where I could sit a bit. Todd and I looked up to the balcony above us, and we both saw Rob and Sherri watching the band. That was sorta cool. Yes, they had a lot of security, but even if they hadn't, I wouldn't have tried to go bug them, I figure they get enough of that shit... everywhere they go.

Lacuna Coil went on and Todd sat, while I stood. Had Lacuna Coil done 1-5 songs I probably would have appreciated them more, but... they just got really old to me really fast. This girl next to me went into fits of glee over this group and kept screaming into my ear, "No one has a voice like hers! No one sings like she does!" I really wanted to grab her head, drag her out to my car and play her some Jefferson Airplane/Starship, because the lead female singer's voice was damned close to Grace Slick. "Yes, she's got a good voice, but she takes her cues from those before her!" But, I didn't.

We were a distance from the stage, but from where I stood, the male lead singer made me think of "If Ernie from My Three Sons went Metal!" They also irritated me, because they had a habbit of doing a couple songs then making it sound like they were done. "Thank you all for coming, you've been a wonderful audience, now let's hear it for Rob Zombie!" And we'd all clap and scream and then they'd say, "Now we want to do a couple songs from our last album/newest album/whatever." I'm sorry, but warm-up bands should be told that by law, they can only thank an audience twice, once towards the beginning, and once at the end. In between, you're just a tease.

Now, there are two reasons I go to a concert. One is to watch the show, the second is to watch the audience. Often the audience is just as entertaining as the show. And I must say, the audience for this concert didn't let me down but in fact, exceeded my wildest dreams.

First we had the Lonesome Loser. Lonesome Loser appears at every concert, he comes alone with great hopes that he'll go home with someone. He leaves alone too. He's obviously started to party before the show and gets progressively worse. You have the feeling you could paint tits on a stick and he'd be all over the stick.

Lonesome Loser weaved around, spilling beer on everyone, trying to pick up girls, and smoking cigarettes. Again, I'm not going to bitch about the smoke, but a drunk guy with flame in a building that looks like it's just designed to go up in flames... doesn't make me very happy. He also burned a hole in the back of my T-shirt. I can't prove it was him, but no one else behind me was smoking.

He asked me if I wanted to go and take advantage of him. I was so tempted to tell him I was old enough to be his mama, but I figured with my luck, that would make him hot, so I just pointed to my husband and said, "Only if he says it's all right!" That changed his mind pretty quick. But, his finest moment was when he pushed his way to the front of the first tier, just above the mosh pit. He had a full glass of beer, which he flung on everyone in the mosh pit. Then, he jumped on the rail, screamed and fell forward in the belly flop position, expecting everyone to catch him.

Everyone moved away and he went splattering to the ground. It was a totally beautiful thing to watch, his annoying self landing like a beached whale, while everyone just hurried away from him. Normally, I don't like to see folks in pain, but I just laughed my ass off. He got up and shook his head, trying to look "oh-so-cool." I figure that Sunday morning he was in horrible pain and it serves him right.

We also had the girl who hides all her insecurities by putting on makeup. The place is pretty dark, but in the limited amount of light, I see this girl constantly trying to put on more makeup, lipstick, blush, and mascara. By the end of the night, she was looking like one of those old ladies who think that if they put on their makeup with a trowel, they'll look younger. She started out looking twenty, she left looking fifty. Yes, I know it's her life and why should I care, but every time she globbed on another layer of makeup, she also had to spray perfume on herself from head to toe and that's where it went from "it's your business" to "It's now my business" as with every new gallon she doused herself with, my lungs wheezed and I couldn't stop sneezing. Even worse, when I'd sneeze, she'd lean close and yell, "BLESS YOU!" which would make it so I had to sneeze more. At one point, I sneezed over 40 times in a row. I finally had to move over, thus getting a much worse view of the show, just to get away from her. The irony being that I hadn't come and stood by her, she came and stood by me. I'm really getting annoyed at the "Perfume is much better than bathing!" mentality I'm smelling way too much of these days. There should be a law that forbids anyone to put on more than three shots of perfume until they've washed off the old stuff.

Other crowd amusers? The two women who couldn't stop entertaining the crowd by playing suck face. I don't care what your sexual orientation is, but when I'm at a concert, I don't go to see you neck with anyone, same sex, oposite sex, or brand new sex we've yet to discover. I want to see the show, so get out of my way. They had the market sewn up on rude though, cause every time anyone asked the to move or get out of the way, they dismissed it all to narrow minded people who didn't appreciate two women who wanted to feel each other up and down in public. While Todd was sitting for a moment, they started going at it so hard, they fell into Todd. When Todd told them to watch it, they gave him the "You're just narrow minded" speech. Todd said, "No, I'm a guy. I love to watch two women go at it, but if you're going to invade my space, you'd better let me join in!" That got them out of the way.

Then, we had the guy who claims he's been to every rock concert since time began. If he were my age, he'd have been to Woodstock. But, since he was about twenty years younger, he'd been to everything. He's telling his friend how he saw the Black Sabbath Master of Reality Tour. My brother saw that tour when he was in his teens. My brother is almost 50. If this guy saw that tour, it was in a previous life. He also was a total joy to be around, because he didn't just want to tell his friend about the concerts he'd seen, but he wanted to act them out and play air guitar. The show was sold out, everyone had their five or so inches of room, and this assclown wants to wave his arms and dance around like a lunatic. He made the mistake of dancing too close to Jen. She got pissed and slugged him out of the way. I really like that girl, she doesn't take it from anyone.

So, I had plenty of crowd fun to watch and enjoy while waiting for Rob to go on.. and finally he did.

The show rocked. I mean totally rocked, even though Rob can't really sing. No, don't give me that look, he can't. Yes, I know everyone sounds a lot better on CD then live, but if I didn't know we were at a Rob Zombie concert and I just heard the singing? I'd never have believed it was him. I always knew he augmented and changed his voice for recording, but really... he can't sing.

He makes up for that with enthusiasm though. He was running around the stage, playing the audience, swinging his hair around, just generally infecting everyone with this energy. At one point, he says he's got some friends backstage and would we all be interested in a White Zombie reunion. The crowd goes mental, we're clapping and cheering, finally, he calls out a name and this guy comes out.... Todd goes, "Wait a moment, no one in White Zombie went by that name..." Rob looks at the audience and says, "What's the date?"

It was April 1st, of course. The guy he'd "introduced" just walks across the stage and exits the other side. Knowing that some of us are a bit pissed, Rob breaks into some White Zombie stuff, including Thunder Kiss '65, which is a favorite of myself and apparently a lot of the audience.

He did three songs from the new album, Foxy Foxy, Let it All Bleed Out, and American Witch. He broke the show with American Witch. I was hoping he'd do Scorpion Sleeps, 'cause that song totally rocks and it was listed on the front of the CD, like thats a song planned for release. "Contains the hit singles, Foxy Foxy, Let it all Bleed Out and Scorpion Sleeps!"

He did House of 1000 Corpses, and had scenes from the movie on the viewscreen behind him. I was hoping he'd go into Devils Rejects when he was finished and show scenes from that movie, but nope. Still, we all sang along.

He did three encores which is something that irritates me. Yes, I know, I"m old...but when I was growing up, concerts had two bands, and the entire concert was longer. The headliner band was good for two hours. Now it seems like there are three bands and the headliner gives you an hour, and half of that is in "encores" which means they go backstage and make you beg them to come back out. Then, when they finally do come out, they waste more time by making you clap the beat out for about five minutes, then they play the game of, "I sing one line, you sing the other line!" Honestly, if I wanted to hear myself sing, I'd go to a Karaokee bar. I'm not saying Rob is exclusive, it's like every concert you go to now does this. Charge bigger money for tickets, have more bands, but not more time, and spend a lot of the time they are on, not playing but hiding back stage waiting for us to "beg" enough before they'll play.

Am I glad we went though? Yeah, I am. Except for being unable to breathe cause of the perfume alergies, the crowd was great fun to watch. And, even though modern day concerts irritate me with the lack of performing time, that's just a "My generation vs. your generation" thing. All in all the show was excellent. It was interesting to see too, what hasn't changed since I was a big concert goer. The guitarist picked out the first few lines of The Star Spangled Banner with his nose. The audience cheered. I rolled my eyes, cause you know... I've seen so many guitar players do The Star Spangled Banner with their teeth, their nose, their toes, etc. Our National Anthem is the professional guitar player's Stairway to Heaven. "Oooh, if I can just play the opening notes to the Star Spangled Banner, then everyone will know how cool I am!" I'm sorry boys, but after Hendrix, you're all just copycats anyway, come up with something different.

I have to admit though, I'm not quite ready to pick up the old days and try to go to concerts more often. I'm pretty content to let another year or so go by before I'm eager to see another. At this point, Todd's opinion is the only person he'd like to see in concert, cause he never has himself, is Alice Cooper, so, if he comes to New England again, that's one we'll try to see. Other than that? I'll leave them to the folks in their '20s. They can stand for hours without their feet hurting . And, they probably aren't as worried about the building going up in flames.

I think I ended up catching something though, cause I've slept all day Sunday and even a good part of today. If I am sick, it's a weird sickness, cause all it seems to do is want me to sleep.
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