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Weird Weather, Weird Cat.

It's been alternating between cloudy and sunny and also between nothing and snow fluries.

The interesting part being the snow fluries are just as likely to come when we're in a sunny part of the day.

I swear to God, Goten does nothing but think of ways to drive me insane. He used to be a normal cat, eating dry food in a normal way. Then he got into the Chrissy habbit, which is to flick a bunch of crunchies on the floor, then pick and chose which ones suit his fussy little pallet. Yes, that weirded me too, but I was sort-of used to it with Chrissy the Prissy.

Now, Goten has decided to outdo even that. He now scoops out a pawfull of crunchies, bats them into the living room, onto the carpet, then eats about half of them, then runs out and does the same thing. I cannot tell the difference between the accepted and the rejected crunchies. He's done this through three different bags of dry food, indicating that it isn't the type of food that is causing the reaction.

Stepping on spit soaked dry food in the middle of the night isn't exactly a joy to behold either.

I watch him do this and I shake my head and go, "Why? For the love of cats, why does he do this!"

Then it hits me, he does it, because it makes me wonder why.
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