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Warnings that should be just as common as things like M/F

I think my tolerance is diminishing as I've gotten older.

I still am a firm believer that people should be able to write whatever they want for fanfiction, but I'm really getting irritated that at a site where the writers are all supposed to be above 18, we have people who believe it is perfectly all right to have mulitiple people speaking in a paragraph and to type 8 instead of "ate" or "eat" (as in gr8).

I can put up with typos. I can put up with a fair bit of misspellings too. I make mistakes, fanfiction isn't professional, but that's the point, they're mistakes. Having several people talking in a paragraph or having someone talk about how gr8 their character is feeling isn't a mistake, it was done deliberately. No one can accidentally mean to type great and instead type gr8.

I even believe that if you really want to write that way, you should be able to. However my intolerance shows because while I'll go that far, I want two things from people who do it.
1: I want a warning. I want to know before I dive in that you think basic rules of writing are too stuffy for you and thus you ignore them. If you warn me and I continue, I have no one but myself to blame.

2: I want to know your position on reviews. I want to know if you are the type that falls to little peices if anyone says anything negative about your work, because trust me, I won't read it and disillusion you from your headland of rainbows and puppies, where the rules of grammar and writing are optional, because it's a hobby, darn it, and a hobby is all about the cozy, fluffy, stuff
When I'm confronted with this, I don't know if I should ignore it, or tell this person. Part of me says I should let them continue in fantasy land. I mean, it is their right. But...then I feel that anyone who would be stupid enough to write gr8 instead of great, might be too stupid to know they're breaking rules. And if they don't warn me that they feel the rules are optional, then I either assume they're tricking me, or they don't know and someone has to tell them!

Is there a word for people who write like this? I mean, besides idiot. Eh, whatever, idiot does for now. Okay, I'll even give Slash writers one thing over idiots. Slash writers will warn you 9 out of 10 times that they're writing M/M. But there's no standard warning for people who have decided to use Netspeak and to deliberately disobey the rules of grammar.

We need those. They're just as important as knowing if something is M/M F/F Lemon, Lime, WIP, and WAFF. We need nifty little abreivations for people who think that making any attempt to fix up their writing is ruining their fun.
1: NSC = No Spell Check. (Self explanitory. No need to make up the lies about how your special WP program doesn't contain a spellcheck, or how your computer doesn't alow spellcheckers to work, cause it's really old! Just type NSC and we know chances are, we're going to have to do some serious translation!)

2: BWB = Beta? What Beta? (I refuse to use a beta reader.)

3: RD = Rough Draft. (I'm going to FIX this LATER you know. But I'm just putting it up NOW so I can get REACTIONS!)

4: PAS = Paragraphs Are Stupid. (You'll ruin my creative flow if you force me to have only one person talk in a paragraph at time, you nazi!)

5: WISH = Writer Is Sensitive (and) Hyper. (I am a delicate little flower and cannot stand any critism. Please don't shatter my world by giving me an honest review!)

6: WHMD = Writer Has Multiple Disorders! (Perfect for those who wish to blame various mental or physical conditions for why they can't run a spell check or bother with proper paragraphs. The nice thing about this, is that you don't have to say what the disorder is, and risk some bitch like me coming along and saying, "You know, I'm dyslexic and ADD too, but I can operate a spellcheck." Everyone knows you've got "problems" but not what the problems are! After all, it's no one's business what's wrong with you, what only matters is that they understand you're a unique little snowflake, unable to follow the rules expected of others!)

7: HARL = Had A Rough Life. (Will often go hand in hand with WHMD, but not always. Basically, the writer is telling us she's had to overcome many obsticals in her life, and we're just lucky she's alive. Chances are the doctor that lives in her head told her it would be a good idea for her to write, and post it on the intraweb, so please remember, if you critisize, then she's not getting the help she needs!)

8: NIC = Netspeak Is Cool! (I grew up with chat rooms and text messaging and I think if you can abreviate every single word by using numbers or symbols, more power to me!)

9: NMSBOD = Not Mary Sue But Others Disagree. (Joyangelana, my OC is really not a Mary Sue, but my former friends say she is. They're wrong, of course, but I'll leave the reader to judge.)

10: MU = Mentally Underage. (No one wants to admit they're really a kid, especially if they're on an adult only site. Yet, some people think that being "young" should excuse them from a lot. MU works perfectly! It tells your readers that you're old enough to be on the site, but mentally, your inner child runs the show so please judge you like you would a three year old.)
Have any you want to add?
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