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We had to give her, her very own word

We have a word we use for Chrissy. It's called Miffled. It's a cross between "Miffed" and "Baffled." Basically it means, "I have no clue what's going on and I'm totally pissed off about it!

She's in that mood right now and what seems to be miffling her is trying to decide if she should sleep on the bed in my office, or sleep on the couch. She'll run up to the bed in the office, settle down looking miffled.

Then, I'll get up to use the bathroom, or get something, and she runs out and jumps on the couch, looking very miffled.

I do what I have to do and return to my office. She comes running back in looking extremely miffled. Game starts again.

I suppose I should find it flattering that she obviously wants to be close to me. And I would be if it wasn't for the miffled part of it. It sorta takes away the love and makes it seem more like feline stalking.
Tags: cats, chrissy

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