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Brown sugar!

I just preped a batch of baked pecan caramel French toast for tomorrow. I love the smell of butter and brown sugar mixed. I had quite a few chopped pecans left from Christmas, so I used a lot of them in this.

And this time I remembered that all I can eat of the stuff is two peices, so I only made one pan. Todd can have four, I'll have two. But damn, I wish it were morning, cause I want to cook it up and eat it. Mmmmm....

I bought two jars of those roasted red peppers today. I sat down and ate an entire jar. I started thinking I must have eaten a billion calories, but according to the jar, there are nine servings in the jar and each serving is 5 calories. So, the entire jar was approximately 45 calories. And a lot more satisfying than a tiny package of fruit snacks that has 100 calories. I just wish they weren't so darned expensive.

Darn, I want to be cooking up that French toast. I'm probably going to dream about it all night.
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