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Yes, another stupid but very short story.

This one is a Devil's Rejects one. Clocks in at 610 words.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything having to do with The Devil's Rejects or House of 1000 Corpses. Never had, never will. This is just fanfiction.

Peace of Mind

Otis looked out the window, watching as Rufus’s truck pulled into the yard. A slow, cruel, smile began etching itself onto his face as he watched while Tiny opened the passenger door and pulled out the woman, who in turn, tried to fight him. They all fought when Rufus first brought them here, struggling, kicking, screaming, as if it would really help. As if they could possibly escape what fate in the form of Otis B. Driftwood had in store for them.

Sometimes they ran, and needed to be hunted down. That was okay too. Nothing like a little chase to get the heart pumping, the adrenaline flowing. And they were always caught, foolish rabbits.

Once they were brought to Otis, their fighting soon turned itself over to crying, whimpering, and begging. Pleading for him to stop, screaming for mercy. Otis never showed them mercy, that wasn’t his job. Otis was the best at what he did, if he spared one victim, then everyone would know he had gone soft, everyone would know they could take advantage of him. He had to stay ruthless and merciless.

He continued to watch as Tiny and Rufus dragged the new girl into the house. She was screaming and yelling how she didn’t want this, how she didn’t do anything to deserve this, and to please let her go.

As they dragged her up the stairs, Otis rubbed his hands together in anticipation of what was to come. Her screaming dropped off as instead she began trying to plea bargain, offering money, sexual favors, anything to Rufus or Tiny just to be set free. They ignored her, they knew better.

The door to his room opened and the girl was brought inside. Otis pretended to be busy at his desk for a moment, to let her wait. It was all right, Tiny and Rufus were still there. By now the girl had stopped not only screaming, but pleading She was just shaking and crying, hitching her breath in great, ugly, sobs.

Finally, when he felt the girl’s terror had built up long enough, when Otis was sure she understood and accepted her fate, her rose from the desk and turned to look at her. “Well, hello, Mama,” he whispered. She was perfect. Young, with blonde hair and soft blue eyes that brimmed with tears. He moved closer to her.

“Please,” she begged. “Please don’t do this. I-I don’t deserve this, please, I’m begging you.”

He loved it when they begged. Their cries were like music to his ears. He could hardly wait to get started with this girl. So sweet, so innocent, so perfect. He would change all of that, he would show her just how brutal the world could be to ones like her.

“Well, there,” he said, clearing his throat. “Did you ever stop to think about what would happen to your loved ones if you died?”

The girl stared at him in disbelief, unable to say anything.

Otis’s grin spread further across his face and held out his hand. “I’m Otis and I represent Ruggsville Life and Home Security Insurance Corporation. And did you know that for less than a dollar a day, that’s right, less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can offer your loved ones peace of mind, should your life be cut short?”

Finally fully realizing the twist of fate that had become her life, the girl’s screams started again. Otis didn’t mind. They all did this. They all screamed, they all argued, but in the end, they all bought the fuckin’ policy, and that was all that mattered.

The End.

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