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Just keep pushing it...

I made bread today. Now, before you go getting all excited and thinking I've finally become the Domestic Goddess, this was that bread that is already made, you just thaw the loaves, let it rise, and stuff it in the oven. This is about as close as I want to come to making bread.

The oven has to be heated up quite high to do this. So, when it's done, since it's winter, I open the door to let the heat out.

Goten, much like that other time, wants to hop into the oven, but it's too hot. So, he keeps going over, sticking his paw on the inside of the oven door, then giving me dirty looks because yes, the oven is still too hot to climb into. Clearly it's my fault the over is too hot. And clearly it's my fault that he must stick his paw on the door and hurt it.

One of these days, Goten is just going to die of stupid.
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