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Chrissy is snoring. And I'm not talking about just a whispy little bit of labored breathing, she is flat out snoring.

Goten keeps coming over and balancing on his hind feet to look up on the bed. He stares at her, then looks at me as if to say, "Do you believe the noise she's making?"

I just shrug, but Goten stares at me longer, as if by staring at me, Chrissy's snoring will instantly be cure. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, so he leaves the room in disgust. Chrissy keeps snoring. Goten goes into the kitchen, flicks some dry food on the floor, eats one peice then comes back in my room and gives me this look like, "What the heck is that noise?" Then, he goes over to the bed and the game begins anew.

I have a snoring cat on my bed. Life is strange.
Tags: cats, chrissy

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