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Well ...

As it turns out my mother does not need surgery. This is good news, because to be honest? Any surgery stands a good chance of killing her, so no one is going to operate on her unless it's life and death. But, as it turns out the stomach problems are muscular / bruising rather than intenstinal problems that would require surgery. Not that bruising is great for her either. She's got bruises she's been carrying around for over a year. As well as wounds that haven't healed in almost two years. So, any type of injury is serious.

I still am not sure we'll have her as 2006 draws to a close. But, it looks like we're not going to lose her right tomorow. I'm going to visit her tomorrow with my dad. She'll probably rag on me cause I trimmed my bangs myself instead of having my hair cut really short (my mother, for some reason, hates me to have long hair. She wants me in short short hair. I think she wants me to shave my head.) "Oh, Darq, why won't you cut your hair? You look so much beter with short hair!"

I'm almost looking forward to it.

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