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belated, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I meant to write this earlier, but then I ended up going over to my folks on Wednesday to help with the preparation of Thanksgiving. I should have remembered my help would be needed. Eh, but dinner was made, Thanksgiving was a sucess. I hope everyone else who celebrated had a good time too.

My brother, yes, my brother, actually got both Todd and I to laugh on Thanksgiving. (If you've been a reader of my journal for any lenght of time, you probably realize that my brother and I don't get along... and that is putting it mildly.) As they were getting ready to leave, he looks at Todd and goes, "Glad to see you didn't die." He had this goofy grin on his face and it just struck both Todd and I as this weirdly honnest humor. When it comes down to it, that's where it's at right? We're all really glad Todd didn't die. Of course the fact that he's really doing well is even better, but the base line is just that. "Wow, nice to see you're not dead."

Also got to see my Great Niece, who's cute as a bug's shiny ass and into everything. I was running around the house with her, and my sister in law goes, "I'll bet you'd just love to babysit her!"

I said, "Yeah, as long as we aren't in this house!" My mother collects glassware, and Ashley really wanted to check out every single glass, cup, etc.

I like that kid. Even though she's like a wiggly little flea on crack now, she's still super. And boy, does she look like Jessica.

So, we get through Thanksgiving and my mother asks if Todd and I would please do some early Friday morning shopping for her for Christmas, because she really can't do that anymore. It's hard to refuse her, she asks for so little. So Friday we get up at 3:00 a.m. and travel out to hit the stores. Best Buy first. We're all standing in the freezing cold, stomping our feet to keep warm, waiting for half an hour in a huge line, all so we could get cheap electronics. It struck me that this is an almost barbaric tradition of stores. "Yes, we'll open in the middle of the night, have sales that only are for those willing to come in the middle of the night! Have fun!"

I just want to know who's brilliant idea this was. And, upon finding them, I'm going to poke them in the eye with a sharp stick.

Todd's Christmas request is going to be both easy and hard. He wants me to write a fanfiction story for him, based on the movie The Devil's Rejects. See, before we even saw the movie, I read an interview where Rob Zombie gave a brief plot description, which fascinated both of us. As it turns out, the movie actually wasn't anything like the description Zombie gave it. It was more like he was giving a tag line, rather than a plot description. We both like the movie anyway. (It's one of those movies that as I watch it, I know that when it's all over, the movie will never call me. Yet, I still pop it in the VCR like some infected whore, believing that this time, I'll be able to watch it and still respect myself when it's over.) But, we both still like the idea we thought the movie would be about. So, Todd asked me if I'd write it. Since he asks for so little, and almost never asks me to write anything, I'm going to give it a shot.

It's sorta a mixed bag writing it. Of course I want it to be good. If I like it when its done, I'll probably put it on fanfiction.net. But I don't want to compromise anything. I don't want to gloss over any of the characters and soften them in any way. They really are the Devil's Rejects. I don't want to apologize for their behavior, nor do I want them to either. Yet, the idea suggests itself to some seriously dark humor, and I do want to make that an element in the story.

Yes, I'm deliberately avoiding giving out the plot, because sometimes I find if I discuss the plot, it can kill it. When I finish this, if I can stand it and Todd says it's okay, I'll probably post it here if anyone wants to read it.

On the other hand, I'm in this state of gleeful embarassment as I am forced to admit to myself that I'm having fun trying to come up with creative ways for the main characters to be telling each other to pretty much fuck off, all the time. "Hm... would 'well lucky, fuckin' you!' work in this place? Or should it be a simple, 'Go fuck yourself?'

So, I've been working on that, or at least trying. As usual, I'm playing the games I always play when I write, which is to write a few sentances with frantic speed, then go back and rewrite them fifty times, cause they came out like crap. Then, to find sixty other things to do before going back and doing the same thing over again. The results? I have seven pages so far, but I probably typed out 700 pages worth so far, I just kept erasing and changing.

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